As Medicine Shoppe Pharmacists, we want you to expect more from our pharmacies. We are 100% focused on your health needs. 
We will take the time to welcome you when you visit, listen to your concerns and answer your questions.

The Medicine Shoppe® is the world’s largest professional pharmacy franchise, meeting the needs of
Canadians who expect more from their neighborhood drug store.

~ We are committed to the highest level of pharmacy practice and patient care;
that is why at The Medicine Shoppe® we don’t carry cosmetics, film, lottery, giftware or cigarettes.

~ We believe that community pharmacy practice is more than just fulfilling prescriptions; that is why at The Medicine Shoppe®
we have a three-decade track record of pharmacy innovation to improve the pharmacy experience for our customers.

~ We believe we can help you take care of your health and your family’s health with confidence; that is why at The Medicine Shoppe®
we take the time to empower our customers with the knowledge and products you need to achieve the most from your medication therapy.

~ We believe in exceptional customer service; that is why The Medicine Shoppe®
has been recognized both within and outside our industry as a leader in customer satisfaction.

From our unique store design, to our commitment to exceptional customer care,
to our regular program of monthly health screenings and health information events, our mission
is to be the most progressive and patient-centred pharmacy chain in Canada.

We are The Medicine Shoppe®, and we are ‘100% Pure Pharmacy™’.

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